Baby nappy changing Baby nappy changing station located in the house.

First aid kit First aid kit in the hall of the house.

Change tents For those coming with own costumes, there are change tents for male and female.

Toilets There are three toilets at the house and portaloo toilets around the property including one disabled access toilet at the entrance.

Chairs For your comfort, there are over 300 chairs placed around the property. It is often fun just to sit and watch the world go by while soaking in nature and gentle sounds.

Food and drink vendors There are several located in the car park near the house and in the orchard. High Tea can be booked in advance online for one-hour sessions at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm each day. High Tea is served outside under raincover and near the house.

Umbrellas for sale There are for sale, at $25 each, nice, good-quality pink umbrellas, some with the NZ Cherry Blossom Festival logo. Rain or shine, the umbrellas look good to walk around with. Sharing an umbrella with one’s partner under an umbrella in the rain in this magic wonderland is special.

Professional photographers See Dress-up photo sessions

Raincover For all days of all years of the festival so far, it has never rained. September is actually a low rainfall month. However, rain is always possible. The High Teas are served under raincover. The performers have raincover and there are several gazebos providing raincover to watch the performances from and/or eat while also observing the cherry blossoms.


125 Matangi Road Hamilton, New Zealand.