Bridgerton Spring Ball

Sun 8-Oct-2023 9am-5pm

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You can wear own Regency costume or purchase one of ours. See Costumes The quality is good. Pick up at the ball and change in a change tent. We’ll look after your regular clothes.

There are lessons each hour in advance of the ball, which is from 2pm-4pm

High Tea, other food, coffee, tea and ice-cream are all available.

Distractions include: Regency era history and etiquette lessons such as how to bow and curtsy, croquet, treasure hunt, various entertainers, street performers, alpaca feeding and, last but not least, many opportunities to snap sensational photos of you dressed to the tee with a breath-taking backdrop of beautiful nature.

Numbers are limited to 500. Book before the end of June. The English Cherry Tree Manor venue is open from 9am to 5pm


125 Matangi Road Hamilton, New Zealand.